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Mechanical design

  • 3D design and drawings
  • Calculations
  • Finite element simulation
  • Sealed and pressurized systems
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems and circuits
ROV LARS for USV, design, ramp and winch
ROV LARS for USV, design
Simultaneous drawing of two assembly versions
Simultaneous drawing of two assembly versions
Lever strength calculation, strength of materials, finite elements
Lever resistance calculation
LARS frame calculation, aluminum crane
LARS frame calculation
Hydraulic diagram HP, high pressure, electric cylinders, actuators, distributors, pumps, valves
Hydraulic diagram of high-power subsea connection tool


  • Design and calculation of propellers
  • Design and construction of underwater thrusters
POM-machined propeller, use of CAM, CAD
POM-machined propeller, use of CAM
Propeller blades, design, calculation of lift, thrust and pressure
Propeller blade, design
Azimuthal thruster 1.2 kW, custom-made propeller
Azimuthal thruster 1.2 kW